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By accidents, we mean funny or cheerful accidents. You and your lover may accidentally bump into each other when you least expect it. You may accidentally send a wrong text to your partner. You may accidentally order the opposite of what you initially wanted to order. Do not be alarmed. All this is happening because you are pre occupied with the thoughts of your partner.

Virgo Woman Traits

On the other hand, your partner is facing the same situation. Today is a special day for you as there was something special that happened between you two on this day which was memorable and worth cherishing. Therefore, both of your minds are full of each other leading you to accidentally drag each other into everything. While these seemingly disparate personality traits may bring balance to the Leo-Virgo, there is an undeniable conflict in this cusp that makes those born into it feel, at times, as though they are torn between two extremes.

One way to think of the polarities is as a war between introverted and extroverted. The Leo-Virgo cusp is one of leadership and communication but also one of independence and secrecy. A major skill set is knowing exactly what to say at the right time, and this cusp can be wonderfully persuasive when they get behind a cause, which brings us to the activist at the heart of the Leo-Virgo cusp.

Conflicted / Persuasive / Activist

A happy place for this Sun and Mercury-ruled cusp is in the mix, working with people to solve a problem. For example, my birthday is July 28, therefore making me a Leo as I have previously stated. Being proud of your sign has nothing to do with self-centeredness.

Leos positive traits are creative, artistic, loyal, and generous. Virgos positive traits are intelligence, practical, reliable, and modest. And also, I like to look at astrology when it comes to my relationship with people. Its not the final say so but I find it true in most cases. Let me add in that I have always had great relationships with Virgos!

Leo Virgo Cusp Man

A relationship between a Virgo and a Scorpio is a combination of star signs that are two apart in the Zodiac. Virgo and Scorpio understand each other well, and converse well with each other. They share a strong, faithful bond with each other. The two signs prefer to spend time with each other, rather than with a lot of friends. Virgo and Scorpio are after fame and fortune. Both signs want worldly possessions and social status. They are both reliable, inclined to service, and helpful to their friends. Virgo are quiet and reticent, and Scorpio are more obscure.

The Leo-Virgo Cusp in Astrology

Because of their differences, both signs need to make compromises to each other. Mercury represents communication and perception, and Mars represents passion; they go well together. The influence of Pluto adds depth to the relationship between Virgo and Scorpio. Scorpio are deep and passionate, and Virgo like this passion.

Scorpio like the commitment and logical mind of Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign, and Scorpio is a water sign. Scorpio are profound in character, and could react violently to situations.

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They keep drawing back to themselves, but eventually burst out in fits of passion. Virgo and Scorpio want safety and steadiness, and this mutual want forms a devoted friendship between them. Virgo are plain and honest, and open up to others. Scorpio are deep and reserved, and attentive to concealed emotions and desires. Their relationship could get even stronger, if Virgo could realise this depth in Scorpio and understand the hidden meaning of their words and actions.

Virgo could instruct Scorpio that outward appearances are not always significant.


Virgo is a mutable sign, and Scorpio is a fixed sign. Once they have established their aims and objectives, Virgo and Scorpio would stop at nothing to attain them. If conflicts occur in their relationship, the virgin is more likely to make compromises and keep the peace. The adamant nature of the scorpion often causes the virgin to give in. The partners need to communicate freely and discuss their mutual interests and desires.

However, they usually maintain an amiable bond, and arguments are very rare in the relationship. The most remarkable aspect of a partnership between a Virgo and a Scorpio is their ability to work as a team, once a strong bond is formed between them. The combined resolution and strength of Virgo and Scorpio make them an efficient pair.

5 Reasons Why People Born On The Leo-Virgo Cusp Are A Unique Hybrid

Well, I always think that any match can last as long as both parties work to achieve their own particular balance, but there is far more to a relationship than sun sign compatibility. To understand more intricacies about the particular individuals, one should have birth charts done of both people, as the persons can vary from the stereotypical sun sign personality.

I sincerely got goosebumps reading it. If you know me in person this will prob freak you the fuck out too. My best friend is a Leo on the cusp of virgo : and she has a similar combo. Yeah when you tend to have your top three placement sun, moon, asc. But those combos always make the most interesting people. Hmmm this could actually be a quite good combo. I am a Leo and my very best friend is a Virgo :.

This relationship presents challenge and it takes some work to make it work. Virgo will shower Leo with attention and Leo will love that. Your ambition and enthusiasm together with your partners practical nature and clear thinking.

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Leo will always be proud of a partner that is always well groomed and has something funny to say. Leo is carefree while Virgo takes all the responsibility. Virgos are very critical and it is possible that sometimes they will throw a blame on you and Leo does not deal well with personal criticism.

Leo likes to socialize while Virgo likes to stay home and relax so if it comes to that problem you should go out separately and have fun on your own. Sex wise,Virgo will need a lot of time to relax from day-to-day problems and issues so patience is the key here to unlock erotic and romantic lover. On the surface this can make for a good couple. Virgos practical nature and clear thinking, together with Leos ambition and enthusiasm. Virgo will help organize their probably chaotic!

Chances are higher because of your Virgo cusp,you guys are probably more in tune with each other. Log in Sign up. Leo-Virgo Cusp. August 19 to August 24 Persons born on the Leo-Virgo cusp can either be a raging extrovert or very secretive. Leo Virgo cusp leo virgo cusp virgo leo cusp leo sign virgo sign.

The signs when they are tired.

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    Friends and Lovers People tend to be drawn to the charismatic personality of August 19 individuals, wanting to bask in the sunniness of their nature. Children and Family August 19 folks often have a great deal of responsibility thrust upon them at an early age. Career and Finances August 19 individuals are intelligent people with enough savvy to know how to make the best of their abilities. Dreams and Goals August 19 people know they are talented individuals, but parlaying that talent into success may not be easy because of circumstances arrayed against them.

    Every horoscope post ever: precise Virgo, neat Virgo, organized Virgo, perfectionist Virgo Me: hi, nice to meet you, I am a human train wreck and my room currently looks like a tornado. Ask illymation a question illymation horoscopes leo virgo cusp cusps leo virgo. Leo-Virgo Cusp of Exposure.