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Such people are soft and indulgent by nature, and they lack strength and assertiveness for advancement in life. They are also not very strong and avoid hard work.

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Your choice of a path for professional self-realization should be based on the obvious advantages that you have from birth. And this, first of all, is a rare gift of a diplomat. You know how to negotiate. Therefore, the field of activity that is most suitable for you is private commercial initiatives, where everything rests on an honest word in the literal sense of expression, and where mutual trust and respect mean much more than the clauses of current legislation.

You can also be successful in the public service, in any field related to art, medicine, education, advertising. If you wish, you can become a true expert in the field of business communications.

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In addition, you are indispensable as a reliable assistant and wise adviser. Kindness, peacefulness and non-conflict character make you an almost perfect spouse. But there are two factors slightly overshadowing this rosy picture. Birthday Number Meaning. Celebration balloon with number 2 Two-year anniversary or birthday. Number 2 with decorative flowers and design elements isolated.

Your Birth Number. Number 2 Birthday Clipart Hello Kitty. Free Number Printables: Wall Art - welcometothemousehouse com. Number 2 Minnie Birthday Party Pinata. Number 2 with Bear girly Bear Birthday number 2 machine.

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Products — Tagged "birthday" — Page 4 — Embroideryland. Artwrap Number 2 Pinata - Multi. Number 2 candle on birthday cupcake Stock Image. Birthday numbers Ariel mermaid applique posing full body embroidery design, 2 sizes. Your Birthday number is simply the day of your birth.

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This number is not reduced. Each of the 31 birth days is described separately. Find out which number s dominate your chart; check out our Free Proportional Numerology Chart. Certain cycles definitely point to the possibility of painful experiences at certain times in your life, such as accidents, money problems, divorce, and the like.

In the same way, it foretells many positive events. However, numerology teaches us that at such times the person always has the opportunity to turn the course of events in his favor, or to let a beautiful opportunity slide by. It can indicate, for example, that a certain period of your life will be highly rewarding, a kind of payment for years of effort. It can be very accurate in such predictions. The rewards are comparable to the effort you have made.


Little effort brings small rewards; great effort brings great rewards. In the same way, it reveals the sowing and the harvesting cycles of life. If you have sown seeds of selfishness and greed, you will experience a time of loss — financial loss, or the loss of support from others. Your numerology chart reveals your potential, your strengths, your weaknesses, your challenges, and your lessons to be learned.

Every number in your numerology chart suggests potential strengths and weaknesses; all things have their light and dark sides. It is you freedom as an individual to draw from your highest potential,.

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A numerologist can have a good idea of which direction a person will likely move in, and how much of his potential he will use or abuse. This is known by considering the balance of a chart, or the spreading of energies; by far the biggest challenge even after many years of experience. Or, if you are up to it, dive in and learn numerology ; become a professional numerologist and perhaps start a numerology business.