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The table in the middle shows the lord of each of the 12 houses, their dispositors, and the final dispositors.

This printout below is another sample of a user defined printout. It show three consecutive years of Varshphal charts.

Vimsopaka Bala and Vaisheshikamsa in Astrology

For each year, the actual chart, degrees and dignity of the planets, and the mahadashas are shown. This printout is a good example of how flexible and powerfull the user defined printout feature is. There are 4 different schemes or groups as per which Vaiseshikamsa can be analyzed. These are 1 Shadvarga Shadvarga implies six divisions.

Vaiseshikamsa – The brother of Vimsopaka Bala | The Art of Vedic Astrology

Lets discuss the Dasa Varga scheme more as it is the most vital of the 4, even though others can be employed as well. JHora gives you an option to quickly find these values for all the 4 schemes. As an example for our Sep 18, at HRS, Chandigarh, India horoscope, Figure 1 one shows the Vaiseshikamsa for all the 4 schemes mentioned here.

As per the score you get when you count the number of times a planet is in either exaltation, mooltrikona or own sign in the Vargas mentioned above the names of such conditions of the planets are mentioned below for reference. So as an example a planet in 6 such positions will be called to be in the state of Paravatamsa. Paaijatamsa 2, Uttamamsa 3, Gopuramsa 4, Simhasanamsa 5, Paravatamsa 6, Devalokamsa 7, Brahmalokamsa 8, Airaavatamsa 9, Sridhamamsa 10 Points to know Typically the higher this score for a planet, the greater is its ability to form strong yogas which last longer as well as opposed to a planet that has a score of 1 or 0.

A score of 4 or more is high for any planet. A score of 6 or more is very high and the involved planet becomes very strong and well placed. The lords of Kendra 1,4,7,10 in Rasi chart D1 are very beneficial to have with a high score and so are the lords of the trine houses 1,5,9 If 2 planets cause a Raj Yoga and both have a score of 4 or higher, then the resultant Raj yoga is strong.

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The higher the score, the stronger it is. If one planet has a score of say 3 and other of 6, the planet that has 6 will tend to give the results of the Raj Yoga in a more florid manner than the planet that has a score of 3.

Vimsopaka Bala – The Planetary ‘Report Card’ of Excellence

Figure 1. The above is for the intermediate reader. Now here is an addendum for the advanced userParasara also mentioned that while calculating Vaiseshikamsa, a planet in Swarudha is a good placement, which will be given a score of 1 or equivalent to being exalted or own house with some over-riding or canceling factors as shown below So what does Swarudha mean? It is unfortunately unclear and lost in translation from the old verses.

JHora gives the advanced user an option to play with these Vaiseshikamsa settings and from experience I utilize the following settingsAL of rashi taking Kendra lords and not the planets in Kendras as good placements The overriding conditions as hinted by Parasara that I select are as follows in Figure 2 Figure 2. Read Free For 30 Days. Vimsopaka Bala and Vaisheshikamsa in Astrology. Description: vimsopaka andvaisheshikamsa. Flag for inappropriate content.

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