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Monthly Horoscopes May 1, September brings all the magic, Aquarius. We start with the Full Moon in your money zone on the 14th. You've been working, working, working and wondering when the pay off would finally show up. Well here it is, darling!

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Just when you were about throw in the towel, the rewards should be so worth the wait. Plus, your traditional ruling planet Saturn is finally coming out of retrograde at midmonth, after a long haul. The delays, setbacks and frustrations have been at an all time high, hitting you both at a subliminal and not so subtle level since last spring. Speaking of roads, travel is the big theme after the 23rd and the arrival of the Autumnal Equinox. The stars are beginning to align in your house of higher inspiration and adventure.

It's also an excellent time of year to take on new teachers, guides or mentors to support your vision. On the 28th, use the New Moon to set your intentions for the next six months, especially about the kind of mentorship that you want and need. It's all about enlisting the right people to support your genius, darling.

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Excitement is what fuels your heart. The truth is that time is long and time has already forgotten. The Sagittarius is a sign that only moves forward. Sentimentality and nostalgia are not in your immediate nature unless you have a water moon. Our advice this April is to go forward in the most assertive fashion possible toward the things you love, want, and care about.


You will do this despite all your doubts, but imagine if you just left those doubts at home, turned the key, and walked out of the house. Make sure you leave the window open, too, so those doubts can leave for good. The word "no" is almost like an invitation for you.

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Remember that inside, the "no" is the "yes. Sometimes, you can get stuck in a bit of a creative rut. With the new burst of spring energy in the air, now is the time to get out of this pattern. Try to think about the spring, which, of course, nature prepares for all year, as a gesture pushing you to new energy and uncontrollable desire.

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So there you are. If you do this, you will feel happier than you have in a long while. Spring is a time when you begin to remember all the important things. Not that you indulge in nostalgia often, but you will see how many old friends, feelings, and ideas come back to you this April.

And you have. If it's there, trust the romantic love in your life. It will grow even steadier.

There can be something intimidating by how in control you often seem of your own emotions in public. The more you reveal your struggle, the more people with help you with it. Even all those old lovers and perceived enemies will be of aid to you this spring. Even they know your true intentions, which have always been for good.

Alicia Keys, born January 25th. Photo by Mario Sorrenti for W Magazine. For a while now, things have been looking up in terms of your career.

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Continue playing up these strengths this month, as there will be even more opportunities for people to really see you and the things that you do well. As for love, you're beginning to question how your approach to it may not be getting you what you want.

You're not willing to change in this regard just yet, but you may start to consider your future options. As the new month begins, with all its spring style, be open to your feelings and keep your feelings open.