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Public relations work, promotion, and other such endeavors are favored now. It is more about how you express yourself than the specifics of what you are saying that helps sway others to your position. There could be especial rapport with foreigners and with women if you are traveling during this period. You are all the more attractive and charming with this position, which increases your popularity.

If a romance were to begin now, it is more likely to be with someone of a different background or educational level, or someone you meet through travel. You have a taste for the exotic now that can show up in many areas of your life--who you are attracted to, what you buy, the kind of art or entertainment you enjoy, and so forth. Until June 4th: Mercury continues to transit your solar ninth house. During this cycle, you are especially fond of exchanging ideas with others, particularly your personal philosophies.

You are inclined to take a broader look at things now, rather than concentrate on the details. You are communicating with more persuasiveness, enthusiasm, and optimism at this time. From June Mercury transits your solar tenth house. You are likely thinking a lot about your career and business matters, or your career requires more communication than usual during this cycle. You speak with authority during this period, and you are more accountable than usual for what and how you communicate. Your ideas may come into public view now. Use the power of words to influence authority figures.

This is an excellent period for developing career and professional plans or strategies. You may be turned to for advice or for your opinion on important matters. Although approachable and ready to communicate, you are less inclined towards chatting about frivolous matters now. You tend to think about your position or standing on a professional level more frequently during this cycle. You are likely doing some multi-tasking regarding career and business matters. Negative use of this influence would be to worry unnecessarily about your reputation and responsibilities.

From June 27th forward: Mercury is transiting your solar eleventh house. Your mind is bright, alert, and active during this cycle, and you have the ability to come up with unusual and inventive ideas. Sharing your thoughts with others is a prime interest.

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Others tend to particularly enjoy your conversations during this transit--you are willing to listen as well as add your own thoughts. As well, your ability to grasp unusual subject matter and to intuitively understand what others are trying to say win you some brownie points! You could also do a lot of thinking and musing about your own happiness and long-term goals.

All month: Mars continues to energize your solar tenth house now. You bring much energy, enthusiasm, and drive to your career or to directing activities in your life during this cycle. You may be quite competitive during this period, preferring to achieve and accomplish things on your own. This attitude can, in some cases, be seen by others as an instigating or otherwise offensive energy, so be aware of that possibility.

This is a strong time for directly pursuing your goals, and, if you need that extra push or oomph to get a plan going, particularly a professional one, or to assert your desires, then this is the time. You are self-motivated now and your enthusiasm can be harnessed if you so choose. See our Time Line Forecast report for a personalized forecast for the year ahead. Get your unique Personalized Horoscope for the year ahead—over pages long—for a detailed guide to your best days and your most challenging days for attracting love, career success, communication, and more.

Know More About Yourself and Others. Try Cafe Astrology's in-depth birth chart reports , relationship reports , future forecasts , and more. Love outlook for the year ahead. Romantic Compatibility Reports. Try Cafe Astrology's in-depth romantic compatibility reports , including the Synastry and Love Ties reports. See also general trends for Libra in All month: This month, with the Sun spotlighting your solar ninth house, your focus turns outward, away from the more personal concerns that have occupied your thoughts in the last months. More than any other time during the year, you are feeling most adventurous and willing to take a leap of faith.

Anything that broadens your experiences attracts now. A lack of superficiality finds you straight to the point, interested in the truth of things. It would be wise for you to consider scheduling a vacation, adventure of sorts, or a course that expands your mind.

These don't have to happen now, but taking the time to recognize your needs for escaping the daily grind, taking a few risks, and feeding your spirit for self-expression through some form of adventure or higher learning, will help you to feel good about yourself. The only caution with this cycle is that you could lose touch with managing everyday affairs and important details.

Until June 16th: Venus continues to move through your solar eighth house during this period. From June 17th forward: Venus graces your solar ninth house during this period. Until June 9th: Mercury continues to transit your solar ninth house. From June 10th forward: Mercury transits your solar tenth house.

Until June 10th: The Sun continues to highlight your solar eighth house. Your attention turns inward, as well as to close personal relationships on a deeper level. Personal transformations, personal power, and intimate matters fulfill you most during this cycle. There may be a strong focus on other's money, such as the resources of a partner, inheritance, banking and loans, or taxes. You are more intense in your mood and disposition, and perhaps even secretive, at this time of year. You are more in touch with the deeper and even primal elements of your own personality, and more able to see these things in others.

This can be a determined and personally powerful time of year if you apply the energy of this transit constructively. From June 11th forward: This month, with the Sun spotlighting your solar ninth house, your focus turns outward, away from the more personal concerns that have occupied your thoughts in the last months. Until June 24th: Venus continues to move through your solar eighth house during this period. From June 25th forward: Venus graces your solar ninth house during this period.

Until June 16th: Mercury continues to transit your solar ninth house. From June 17th forward: Mercury transits your solar tenth house. Until June 15th: Mars continues to animate and energize your solar ninth house.

Libra Monthly Horoscope – August

Your energy levels and sense of timing are good during this cycle. You are strong and bold in your beliefs and convictions as well, and others tend to naturally follow your lead. You actively seek out new learning experiences and have a strong desire to set out on new adventures, however big or small. Others find you easy to be around, even inspiring and energizing, and are attracted to your assertiveness and courage.

From June 16th: Mars animates and energizes your solar tenth house. Whether it's professional or personal, you are likely to have an increased desire for others to notice you. This can be a good time to become self-employed or start a business if other factors and Mars itself are favorable. Conflicts with those in authority are possible now.

July 12222 Horoscope: Predictions for Libra

See also general trends for Libra in and the full Yearly Libra Horoscope. Articles: Learn Astrology. Love Sign Compatibility. Recommended Astrology Books. Our detailed monthly horoscopes are designed to reveal and interpret the current transits of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in your solar chart. Because these energies or transits do not unfold neatly into any given calendar month many transits carry forward from one month to the next , you will find some of the energies continue from a previous month.

This is normal and expected. These monthly horoscopes also include an overview paragraph, as well as other energies specific to the month, such as retrogrades, eclipses, or major outer planet transits.

The Highlights section reveal lunar cycle dates. The sign position of Venus modifies your Libra Ascendant characteristics.

March 12222 Horoscope: Predictions for Libra

These interpretations are from the Karmic Insight Report , and are written from an esoteric viewpoint. While the Sun describes your conscious direction and current life focus, and the Moon your subconscious predisposition and past, the Ascendant indicates a way of being that transcends and embraces past, present, and future. It describes the way you engage and merge with the outer world and how you bring through into life the energies depicted by the Sun, the Moon, and the rest of your birth chart. Everything is filtered through the Ascendant from an esoteric point of view. Your soul function involves establishing balance, and harmony in your world, and an awareness of beauty, of relationship, of style, and how things fit or blend together.

You are the dove, the diplomat, the peacemaker, the friend; partnership and personal relations are your forte. However, your ruling planet, Venus, is in the fiery and self-assertive sign of Aries, suggesting that direct confrontation and even conflict when necessary is how you seek to create harmony and relationship. While appearing to oblige or give in, you nevertheless aim to fulfill your own intentions. You are learning about the true nature of love, of giving and receiving, and about personal integrity and honesty in the context of intimate relationships.

Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the pleasure-loving sign of Taurus, which suggests that you magnetically attract whatever you want and need into your life, and that you influence the world through your considerable physical beauty, personal magnetism, or charm.

Taurus and Libra Love Compatibility

You are truly a lover of beauty, harmony, comfort, and peace, and you can not flourish in an atmosphere of intense pressure or interpersonal conflict. Laziness, a disinclination to exert yourself, an avoiding conflict even when it is necessary and fruitful are potential pitfalls for you. Libra Rising and Venus in Gemini Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the friendly and very sociable sign of Gemini: social relations and facilitating communication and understanding between people is truly your forte.

Your innate curiosity about and interest in others, and your ability to speak their language, are gifts that enable you to fulfill your soul purpose as a messenger, mediator, or teacher. Words, language, or music is your forum. Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the nurturing, devoted, sympathetic sign of Cancer, suggesting that you have a gentleness and sensitivity towards others that is remarkable.

You have a feeling for children or the childlike, vulnerable side of people, and this tender feeling and care is your particular gift to life. Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the warm, generous, whole-heartedly loving sign of Leo. You are a big romantic that loves to celebrate love, life, and beauty. You have a gift for performing, dramatic self-expression, creative arts, entertaining, putting on a show. In all unimportant things, style is number one. Libra Rising and Venus in Virgo Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the modest, devoted sign of Virgo, suggesting that your humility and your genuine desire to help and serve others are among your most endearing qualities as well as important aspects of your soul function.

You may serve as an assistant, the support person, right-hand man, or faithful helper to another as a significant aspect of your life. No matter how far you go, service to others will be your strength. Your ruling planet, Venus, is in Libra as well suggesting that you influence the world through your considerable personal charm, beauty, finesse, and refinement.

Your sense of beauty; proportion, elegance, composition, harmony, aesthetic vows, and taste are instinctual aspects of your soul-function. Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the willful and passionate sign of Scorpio, however, suggesting an emotional intensity, a depth of desire and of feeling which is belied by your surface equanimity: you appear mild and conciliatory but possess surprising drive and tenacity, especially regarding your loves.

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Intimate relationships are not only a tremendously impatient means of fulfillment and self-expression, they are also, for you, a crucible. You have a very exotic and creative force which can be used for love, healing, and creative purposes, or which can turn destructive and negative, bringing you and others with you down.

Libra Rising and Venus in Sagittarius Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the idealistic and optimistic sign of Sagittarius, indicating that generosity, playful spontaneity, and a love of adventure infuse your relationships and your approach to life. You will touch many.

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Part of your soul function is to spread good will, tolerance, and acceptance for many different kinds of people. Traveling or at least moving around quite a bit in order to make connections is a part of this. At your best you bring people together in an atmosphere of openness, friendship, and possibly learning. Beware of your tendency to be somewhat irresponsible towards others or of promising anything because it seems good at the moment and you want to be agreeable but which you can not or will not follow through on.

Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the objective and unemotional sign of Capricorn, suggesting that you seek new solutions and alternatives in order to create harmony and make the world a better place. A concern for social justice and social betterment are woven into your very fabric. Active involvement in your community, especially in conflict resolution and facilitating or coordinating groups of people to cooperate and help one another, is essential to fulfilling your soul function.

The arts or entertainment may well be a key part of this, also. Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the idealistic, free-thinking, and unconventional sign of Aquarius, suggesting that you seek new solutions and alternatives in order to create harmony and make the world a better place. Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the sensitive, sympathetic, compassionate sign of Pisces: you are kind hearted, tolerant, giving and forgiving, with an impulse to save, rescue, heal your loved ones — anyone, actually, who is broken or in need.

At best you are a champion of the weak and an instrument for grace to flow into the lives of those around you. Metaphysically you appreciate the space between activities, so your persona reflects that kind of calm. This contemplative expression indicates that you can achieve a balance between your physical life and your soul life.

As you learn to work with duality in a conscious way, your persona becomes calmer and you are able to effect change in the world without stirring up the energy more than necessary. The tendency to balance and calm is part of what makes you a welcome guest. You can be counted on to enrich conversation both by listening actively and participating with clear questions, ideas, and an occasional opinion. You cultivate harmony among the people around you, and thus make a strong team member who can be counted on to keep the goal in mind in the midst of discussion.

As your spiritual path unfolds, you find that your sexual and other material desires change. Instead of engaging in sex for the sake of sex, you seek partners who share a spiritual affinity that allows you both to experience ecstasy through your relationship. Sometimes this even means engaging in activities that transcend the physical realm without using physical contact as the avenue of approach. Sometimes we see an older couple hanging out together. They investigate whatever catches the eye, pointing out things to each other.

They are calm, not rushing their activity but following its natural pace. The outer appearance reflects an inner spiritual attunement that is the hallmark of the Libra Ascendant. Libra Ascendants are vulnerable to any excess that throws the physical body out of harmony.